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8 Tooth Fairy Traditions

by olbaby

A few years back my youngest child  was bankrupting the Tooth Fairy by  pulling his teeth out at the slightest wiggle, so that he could participate in the tradition of placing his teeth under his pillow and waking to find that the Tooth Fairy took his tooth and left behind cash as payment for his tooth.

What kind of business had my child gotten into?

As soon as I would hear him say  “I got a loose tooth!” I would soon find it on my desk waiting for him to place it under his pillow that night and hopefully the Tooth Fairy would not doze off before she retrieved her new tooth and paid her debt to this little guy.  YES that has happened – 5 kids and how many teeth?

That new business of my son’s  got me thinking about some fun ways we could celebrate the loss of our children’s teeth with Tooth Fairy traditions and ideas:

  • Tooth Fairy Jar

Have your child place their tooth in a jar filled with water. Then place it on their dresser or bed side table.  When the wake in the morning  the tooth is gone and the water has been magically colored to blue (with added glitter) then drop the tooth fairy money into the jar of water  

  • Tooth Fairy DIY Pouch

Create these simple tooth pouches from Purlbee for your Children’s lost teeth to place out for the Tooth Fairy.

Take Note: You don’t have to sew them and alternate ideas would be to  use fabric glue  to adhere the side seams and the tooth to the front.   And  you can use a fabric pen to write your child’s  name and date  on the bag.

  • Fairy Dust Money

Use a glitter hair  spray to create fairy dusted money more about this idea over at  Ten Kids and a Dog

  • Fairy Dust

Sprinkle glitter around  your child’s room or along their dresses etc. to appear as if the Tooth Fairy left her dust

  • Gold Dollar Coins

Pick up a few Gold Dollar coins at your local bank to have on hand when that loos tooth falls out.  Fun for you kids to discover a gold coin from the tooth fairy

  • Tooth Fairy Messages

Use window markers to leave behind a message from the tooth fairy on your Children’s windows or bathroom

  •  Tooth Fairy Receipt Free Printable

The date, number of teeth, child’s name and the amount of money exchanged for the tooth can all be edited.

  • Free Tooth Fairy Letter Printables

The next time your child looses a tooth add a little more excitement to the Tooth Fairy tradition by using these free printable letters from Hand Made Charlotte.    There is a printable  letter for your child to fill out to leave for  the tooth fairy and  then a printable return letter the tooth fairy  leaves behind .

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