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Bedtime Routine Tips

by olbaby

Bedtime can become a positive part of the day with simple Bedtime routines:

Time For Bed – School-aged children should get 9 to 12 hours of sleep each night, so determine what time your children will go to bed each night and begin being consistent so they are well rested each morning.

Nightly Bed Time Routines – Having a routine helps to ease your children into bed each night. Begin the routine about 30 minutes prior to the established bed time. The routine might include: Changing into PJ’s, having a bedtime snack, a warm bath, brushing their teeth, saying good night to other family members and in our house the dog, reading a story together with mom and/or dad, saying bedtime prayers, getting the right blanket, stuffed toy and pillow that your child needs to sleep with.

Take a few minutes to talk to your kids as they wind down and get ready for bed asking them about their day, or discuss the story you have read together, create a short conversation it could include remember when stories, your life as a child stories, create a made up story you tell your children each night adding new parts and characters to it, or ask what your children what they are thankful for today.

Limit brain stimulation by turning all video games and TV prior to bedtime to begin shutting their brains down for the night.

Peaceful Sleeping – Create an environment that your children will have a restful and peaceful night of sleep. No loud music or televisions playing in adjacent rooms, as your children prepare for Bed time keep things quiet and calm as they unwind.

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