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Why Is My Baby Screeching? Learn About Reasons And How To Stop It!

by olbaby

Mom’s Question:

Why is my baby screeching out loud and very loud? She is 5 months old and never stops screeching, it is very annoying. Even the dog has resorted to going outside to avoid the noise.

She’s not hungry, wet, cold, etc.

Loud Baby Screeching – Why And What To Do

Why Is My Baby Screeching..?

Learning To Communicate

Some babies are quiet and seem to fuss very little. Other babies seem active from the first day of life and demand a lot of attention. Neither extreme means that there is anything wrong with the child.

Crying and screeching are the baby’s first form of communication. Your daughter has learned she has a voice and can express herself through making screeching noises. My son does the same thing, he will screech and scream and then start laughing. He does it so much sometimes that he will start to cough a lot.

You will soon start to hear her making different sounds and syllables that will eventually turn into words. Whenever she starts to make different sounds she will not screech as much.


Of course, screeching can be a sign of discomfort or pain, but then, of course, your baby would show others signs of not being well too.

If your baby is doing any kind of odd movements while screeching or seems to be ill in any, of course, check with a doctor.

What To Do About The Screeching

If you find the sound unbearable, try playing games with your daughter, to stimulate other sounds. You can sing to her, say rhymes or just talk to her. 

With babies, there is no way to “correct” their behavior – only use positive distraction and make sure there are no underlying problems that cause the behavior.

Also remember to NOT give her too much attention when screeching – positive or negative, since your attention might reinforce the behavior.

Another thing – catch the screeching on video. 🙂 Before you know, it will be gone, maybe to never come back. In a few years, you can show the video to your girl and laugh together about how she even scared the dog, training her voice.

Here is another screeching baby that was recorded by her parents. Anything similar? 🙂

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