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Teach Your Kids To Cook: You’ll Learn A Bit Yourself As You Do

by olbaby

Learning how to cook is something we should all do at some point. There has for too long been a tendency to look on it as a housewife thing. Although almost every cookery show on TV features at least one male chef every once in a while, this idea persists. There are still more than a few people – let’s be honest, we all know at least one – who see it as the woman’s job.

To be fair, there are some cases in which it is reasonable for one partner to work and another to stay home. In some cases this will mean that there is someone playing the “house-spouse” role, but it doesn’t have to be the wife. And when it comes to cooking, there’s more to consider than couple and family life anyway. If your kids go off to college, do you want them living on microwave meals all the time?

So, yes, learning to cook is something we should all do at some point. Why not make it now? If your kids don’t have kitchen skills yet, why not now? In any case, there must be meals YOU don’t know how to cook. Why not make learning a communal thing?

Start Off Simple And Work Up

Ask someone if they cook and, if they don’t, their reaction will probably be a joke. “Oh, you know me, I’d burn WATER!”. And if they really don’t want to learn, fine. But even if you’re not that skilled, there are things we can all cook. To give your kids a gentle start in the kitchen, try something like grilled cheese. Don’t give them the knife, but let them arrange things and put it on the grill.

Teach Them About Ingredients

Along with tips for safety, which you should cover before anything else, show your kids how bare ingredients become meals. They’ve seen lasagne fully cooked, but there’s a lot that needs to be done before that point. As they learn, and as they get older, they’ll know more about the principles and processes of cooking. This allows them, and you, to put more tweaks on what is being cooked.

Make It Interactive

A good idea is to try something new, so you’re learning with them and showing them how to interpret recipes. One bit of advice is to work from a video first as opposed to a recipe book. We’ve all worked from a recipe, missed or misinterpreted a step, and made something awful.

Take your laptop in the kitchen and bring up a video. You need a speedy FiOS connection, such as Frontier, to make this run smoothly. But it allows you to show your kids the steps involved in turning the basic ingredients into delicious meals.

By the time your kids – boys and girls alike – go off to college, they’ll be able to make healthy, nutritious meals without a problem. It’s a skill that will be eternally useful. Who knows, one day it could be them presenting those videos, or those network cooking shows!

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